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How I stay comfy and (kinda) cute working from home! For those of you who don’t know, Roy and I now both work from home! I have spent my entire career in the healthcare field, in clinical settings (scrubs) or in an office, where heels and pencil skirts were the first order of business every morning. I have always loved my jobs, but now I’m happier than ever and comfy AF!

The key is s-t-r-e-t-c-h! I wear basically almost all stretchy clothes. Even if the outfit I post on Instagram is way cute, it usually feels like a yoga pants and t-shirt. I love when I find clothes that feel like PJs but look a little fancy, like I could go to the grocery store and feel like I am a little more put together! I love a good pair of solid leggings, since they can go with basically anything and I know that with the right brand, they’ll last forever! My favorites are Lululemon, but a more budget friendly brand that lasts ages is actually Old Navy’s active wear line!

Truthful and Warm

I like a hoodie for working out and running quick errands, especially a thinner material if I can get away with it, and in Georgia I usually can. For the really cold days, which are upon us this week, I like to layer up the hoodies with my Columbia rain jacket and then I am double covered for cold and rain! We do get dressed up sometimes, but that is a story for another post, friends! For now, hit that button below to follow us on the ‘gram!

Roy and I pretty much live in hoodies and joggers since with a home based office, we kind of run around and end up working on the couch, standing desk, treadmill, yoga mat, etc. It is sooo important to be comfy! I also like to make my workouts functional, and that means that I will pretty much build a workout into my everyday tasks and in order to successfully do this, I need to be prepared in the right clothing! Plus, the coffee hoodies are just freaking cute & funny!

I swear, every time I wear one of our many coffee hoodies I get compliments. This is basically a representation of my mood 24/7, so why hide it, right? I pair them with joggers, leggings or jeans and sneakers, sometimes basic black flats. When I am home, it is basically always with shorts and long socks, and I just found the coolest place to find pretty much any type of socks-Chrissy’s Socks!

I know that a lot of people prefer slippers (or house shoes) to socks but to be honest, slippers are so restricting! Even though we keep the house pretty warm, I find that we wear socks like ALL DAY with these hardwood and natural tile floors in the house!

Mom Life Be Like

Find The Right Socks

I recently found Chrissy’s Socks and can’t wait for my order to come in! I got some from this collection! Wearing super tall socks with a mini-dress or shorts around the house is my favorite thing, I love how cute they look! The great thing about Chrissy’s Socks is that they come in endless varieties and ship super fast, so if I want anything really particular and quickly, I know I can count on it to be on the site. They are also made in the USA which is cool, keep it local. I can’t wait to start my collection of cute socks like these ones! I had a hard time picking out my first order, but finally decided on these ones, since I love knee and thigh highs, I got a variety! We go through so many pairs of socks and I think that with these new ones coming in from Chrissy’s Socks, I will be in good shape for a while! I can’t wait to try them out and order more fun designs!

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