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VitaTops MuffinTops

If you know my story, you may recall that for a long time I was unable to eat gluten. Well, now I can eat anything, which is a great feeling! I do try to eat healthy foods in general but do not like to sacrifice taste, and definitely enjoy my fair share of breads and baked goods.

I recently tried a delicious new product called VitaTops MuffinTops. These are basically shaped like the top portion of a muffin (the best part) but unlike most other packaged muffins, they are made with cleaner, healthier-for-you ingredients. Since they don’t use any artificial ingredients or preservatives, they require you to freeze them for best results.

VitaTops MuffinTops

They’re actually pretty versatile since they need to be frozen. You can eat them a few different ways, as found on their website, here are the most recommended ways to eat them:

  • Terrific Toasted – Toasted VitaTops leave a fresh-from-the-oven aroma, a slightly crispy outside and a soft-moist inside…yum!!
  • Eat Them Frozen – An ice cream-like summer treat! The chocolate especially where the muffiny part is cold but soft enough to chew, and the chocolate chips are hard and crunchy — a cool combination
  • Traditional Way – Enjoy at room temperature by thawing out of the freezer for 30 minutes or place in microwave for approximately 20 seconds

Honestly, we usually eat them frozen but prefer them toasted and have tried them thawed as well. When you are going to eat convenience/packaged food, it is a good idea to pick the cleanest option you can that still works for you in other ways. I find this to be a delicious and nutritionally balanced food for my health and lifestyle!

These are made with almost all organic ingredients, which is really awesome! We like the VitaTops Deep Chocolate flavor best. It doesn’t even taste “healthy” but more like a fudgy treat, which is a plus. You can find them at Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite, or Target locations. These also come in several other delicious varieties!

VitaTops Store Locator 

Mornings can be really hectic for working parents, especially toward the end of the week. These are great for a quick snack/breakfast to eat on your way out the door or to keep around for a snack at work, gym or to send with your kids to school or daycare. I like them for breakfast with a piece or two of fruit and some yogurt.

VitaTops MuffinTops

Like most people, I am always looking for healthier, convenient, affordable “ready-to-eat” snacks to have in the house, but there are so many options out there it can be overwhelming! VitaTops I’ve found to be really good option for us, especially since they are made with ingredients that we use in our own home-cooking.

The company is transparent about the products, which I really like. Overall it is a great healthier-for-you treat that is also very convenient. They have a variety of nutritional benefits, great for people on certain diets. Learn more about them by visiting their website, click here for a $1 off coupon to use in store or online if you choose to try them yourself!


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