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Winter is just around the corner – or maybe already here for you depending on when you’re seeing this! Let’s talk about our picks for the top 5 skincare products for winter… We need to care for our skin throughout the year, but during the cold and dry seasons, we really need to take better care. High-quality, low tox skincare products are an excellent choice throughout the year, but when fall hits, we start to consider more hydrating and protecting products.

We have some faves to share with you, all of which we have used and love! As bloggers who do a lot of content creators on Instagram, we get a lot of Skincare PR Boxes and collaborations that allow us to be able to test a wide variety of products. We do have a tendency toward DERMAE products, and that’s actually all you’ll find on this post. DERMAE uses specific ingredients for specific reasons and skincare concerns, and they list exactly why here!​. We also try other brands out here and there, primarily the cleanest possible options. We prioritize the lowest toxin options, like this hormone safe skincare line we recently started implementing.

1. Facial Oil

A good facial oil is so helpful in the winter. I learned a little late that not all oils belong on the face because not all types of oil can actually soak into and moisturize your skin! That’s when I stopped using coconut oil on my face and switched to DERMAE oils. They have several, and our top pick for winter is the Radiant Glow Face Oil made in collaboration with Mrs. Alba Ramos (previously SunKissAlba) a megainfluencer who  prioritizes non toxic living and healthy skincare products as well. There are several other oil options from DERMAE but this one smells the best in our opinion and has a shimmer to it which is really fun!

2. Cleansing Balm

Of the top 5 skincare products for winter, cleansers are certainly important. We need to be able to cleanse our skin still in the winter without drying it out! In general, look for a creamy cleanser, not a gel or liquid in this season. Our top pick is the ultra hydrating Universal Cleansing Balm cleanser from DERMAE… This is a game changer, it dissolves makeup and rehydrates my skin like no other! They do have a variety of gentle and moisturizing cleansers if a balm consistency is not your jam, but I do recommend trying it at least once…

PSSST! Guess what? You can save up to 30% off on DERMA E bundles here! ​

3. Blue Light Shield

Winter time, more often than not, means a lot more time inside in front of various screen. Of the top 5 skincare products for winter, we couldn’t ignore the fact that most of us are exposed to more blue light than the rest of the year. In today’s tech driven society, it’s nearly impossible to exist in a world without blue light, so we just need to find ways to offset the known and potential damages. Turns out Blue Light Shield by DERMAE may protect from the unknown level of damage that our skin could be facing by all of the exposure we get to the blue light screens. Check out their blue light shield serum here, and the combo of spray and sensitive moisturizer here.

4. Vitamin C Skincare

Always a win, chances of not seeing this on a top 5 skincare list are slim to none. Nearly all major companies offer a skincare line or product with Vitamin C in it, but our tested faves are from DERMAE. They have a vast array of Vitamin C loaded skincare products. If you can or want to ONLY pick one product, the Vitamin C Serum is our top recommendation. It can be the first thing you put on after cleansing, and be worn on its own as a moisturizer depending on your skin’s needs, or under a cream or additional moisturizer, makeup, etc. Save up to 30% off on DERMA E bundles ​here at any time, including their Vitamin C skincare products.

5. Skincare Sets

Of the top 10 skincare products for winter, we have to wrap up with the most versatile: the skincare set. The easiest way to go is a full skincare set. Most products work well together even if not part of the same set, but a set guarantees everything was curated to work synergistically together. DERMAE wins in our books for the best curated skincare sets, since they really do have a line for every person’s possible skincare needs and preferences. We are crushing on this sale (disclaimer – it may be over by the time you see it) but DERMAE launched their holiday sets! Their Full Size Sets Collection and Exclusive Holiday Premade Kits on sale here! If that sale is over, you can shop all sale items at Derma E here!

Ready to shop DERMAE for yourself or others this season? Like we’ve been saying for the last 4 years, definitely give DERMAE a try! They are carried in various stores like Ulta, Target, Whole Foods and Sprouts, but you can also support our blog and use our links to shop the exclusive DERMAE Gift Guide here!

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Top 5 Skincare Products For Winter

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