Sage Advice For Anyone Who Want To Reduce Fat In Their Diet


Fat is a major component of the diet. And, in spite of what you might read, eating large quantities of it is rarely healthy. While many people blame low-fat diets for people’s health problems, the population never really made the shift. The amount of fat people ate never went down and has actually increased slightly. 

In this post, we take a look at some techniques to reduce the amount of harmful fat in the diet and replace it with healthier alternatives. Check out our ideas below: 

Remove The Skin From Poultry

Many people are surprised to learn that poultry is high in fat. However, if you’ve ever roasted a chicken, you’ll know that it is. Often the pan is full of fat following cooking. 

To reduce the amount of fat you’re eating, consider removing the skin. Just cook the bare breast or legs. This should reduce the fat content by around a half, since most of the fat of the chicken is just under the skin, not in the muscle.

Use Low-Fat Cooking Techniques

Instead of frying, use other low-fat methods of cooking, such as broiling and grilling. You can also use Cuisinart griddlers to cook meat conveniently. 

Choose Low Fat Options While Eating Out

Many restaurants deliberately use a large amount of fat in their dishes. The reason for this is simple: it enhances the flavor.

Unfortunately, both the quantity and type of fat available can be harmful. When eating out, therefore, always ask the restaurant staff how they prepare the dish. For instance, if they tell you that they deep fry everything, you might want to opt for something steamed instead. 

Cook With Herbs And Spices Instead Of Oil

Most people cook with oil because it imparts delicious flavors to food. However, you can often get something just as delicious — if not more so — by using herbs and spices in the right way.

For instance, you might rub your meat with lemon and thyme instead of butter or margarine.

Check The Label

Many products that advertise themselves as being “fat free” and therefore allegedly healthy, make up for this by adding vast amounts of sugar to their recipes. That’s why it is always essential to read the label. If the first, second or third ingredient is added sugar, there’s a good chance that it’s not a healthy product at all.

Trim Fat Off Meat Before You Cook It

If you like pork chops, bacon or cuts of beef, trim the fat off it first before you cook it. Simply removing visible fat can dramatically lower your intake of saturates.

Substitute Ground Turkey For Beef

Around 50 percent of the calories in lean beef come from fat. Hence, even if you think you’re making low fat choices, you might not be.

Turkey is much lower in fat, but still offers a lot of flavor, particularly when you pair it with the right sauce. Look for ways to include more lean mince in your diet so you’re not so dependent on red meat and other high-fat foods.

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