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Well hey there foodie friends! By popular demand we have decided to share the recipe for the Uber-Chocolate Mug Cake that you may have seen on Instagram! This recipe is nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten and grain-free and just the right amount of perfectly moist cake and melty chocolate chips! It is very very RICH with chocolate flavor-there is a reason we decided that it should be called Uber-Chocolate Mug Cake!

Let me just point out that I love cake! Sometimes I feel like I just need a cake. Other times I feel like I need 10 cakes… Maybe you can relate. Lucky me-and lucky you-this mug cake isn’t too difficult to make, even if you don’t feel like cooking/baking but still want something chocolate cake-ey. I know that when chocolate cravings hit for me it tends to be times that I don’t feel like going out to find something at a store and definitely am not in the mood to whip up a whole batch of dessert. Since being gluten free I have only been able to satisfy the cake cravings by going and buying a gluten free treat that is pre-made and not always containing the “best” ingredients. It is easier to find gluten free and even paleo treats in many stores now and there are plenty of legit companies and recipes out there. I believe those are nice to utilize at times but more often I prefer making a quick small treat at home instead. In case you are ever in the mood to spend only 5 minutes on a chocolate cake dessert, here is a mug cake recipe to add to your dessert arsenal. It is good to have options!

When I make this cake I am usually at the point that I feel like I can eat 10 cakes-until I eat through about a quarter of it and realize I will either finish half now and half later or find another cake lover to share it with! Lucky me, I have a little cutie pie who is essentially always ready to help with the consumption of cake. She and I usually split this cake and it is extremely satisfying to the sweet and chocolate tooth! I feel pretty good about eating this cake as it is made from only whole, real food ingredients and contains a good dose of healthy fats! It does contain (coconut) sugar and you can use less with a similar result texture-wise just much less sweet. If going the no added sugar route I would advise subbing apple juice for the coconut milk. I actually prefer this way for a sweeter cake, coconut milk for a more filling cake. I’ve also used plain old water in the absence of other liquids and it’s worked well too!

This little cup of indulgence is SUPER easy to make. You don’t need much time or equipment to have a delicious, filling, uber-chocolate-ey, allergy friendly and relatively healthy single serving cake on your hands. It just takes about 5 minutes, 1 or 2 mugs, a fork, a microwave and a handful of ingredients. As I mentioned, I am the type of person that just needs cake sometimes. I had been meaning to try making a paleo cake for… (procrastination alert) …a few years. When I learned about mug cakes I got to thinking about just how convenient they are and then realized I had never actually made a mug cake… Or any cake for that matter that did not come pre-packaged and basically ready to go “just add eggs, oil and water”

To the genius that discovered the concept of a mug cake, I salute you. I truly appreciate how quick easy and delicious this dessert is.  As simple as this mug cake idea seemed however, I hadn’t delved into trying it. For some time I was pretty engulfed in the adventures of making  some legit dairy and nut free paleo ice cream. (That was delicious!) At that time we were also getting the hang of having a newborn around as well. I guess even the thought of something as simple as making a mug cake was too much for me. This was the my situation until a friend of mine (who also had a newborn that happened to be a bit needier than mine) posted a picture awhile back that said “sometimes you just need a chocolate paleo mug cake” Yes! She certainly hit that nail on the head… and considering I knew that her situation with the newborn could still allow her time to make a mug cake, I figured I could try as well… that little chocolate mug cake looked AMAZING! There was no question at that point-I had to try one.

I loved the recipe I tried but it was a bit dry for my liking and not exactly my favorite texture. This probably is because I may have used too much coconut flour-it’s such a tricky flour to measure, as you know if you’ve ever worked with it. It was a yummy and crazy quick dessert nonetheless. I knew that with some trial and error I could come up with a recipe that is my personal twist of mug cake perfection. Here is the uber-chocolate result for you to try! I am happy to be finally sharing it with you after months of testing out variations. We find that it doesn’t “taste gluten free” and has the perfect amount of moistness to sweetness to chocolate ratios. I am quick to make this any time, even for breakfast. I hope you are happy that I set out on a quest to develop my own version of a paleo (uber-chocolate) mug cake! We liked any organic unfiltered apple juice, this coconut milk, coconut flour and tapioca starch, honey, grass-fed butter (or refined coconut oil), vanilla extract and cacao powder. If you are looking to make this truly allergy friendly, check out these chocolate chips!


Just so you know, a lot of hard work went into this recipe-I ate (happily) a mug cake several times per week until I got it perfecto! Here’s to those times when  you just need a cake… or like 10.


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