Breakfast Tacos
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Breakfast Tacos


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OMG! Why did I never think of doing this before? I made these breakfast tacos and it seriously made my weekend… If you don’t know me then let me disclose… I sometimes eat tacos once and follow up with several days of wanting ALL THINGS TACO!!! This happened last week and I was able to come across as less obsessed than usual to my husband by changing up my taco game a smidge. Chipotle the first day, homemade the next, taco salad the next and then nachos… The next morning I was still feeling the taco vibe and went ahead with sneaking some salsa into the scrambled eggs we were making, then served them to my husband the way he normally likes and wound up making myself these lovely breakfast tacos!! I used some small corn tortillas this time but will be using plantain tortillas next time! I have made these with either 1/4 cup salsa and additional veggies (sautéed until soft before adding eggs) or with no additional veggies but instead 1/2 cup salsa! Please feel free to get creative with it as well 🙂

These were really, really really easy… as long as you know how to scramble eggs and warm tortillas in the microwave you will be able to whip this up in no time. You can add whatever toppings you prefer, I really love olives, sour cream and lettuce (which I added after this photo) I know for a fact that our daughter will LOOOVE them since she is as obsessed with tacos as I am 🙂

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