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Dairy Free Instant Pot Yogurt

Yes, it IS possible to make yogurt in your Instant Pot, and you can successfully do it without a special thermometer! This recipe is specifically made dairy free & vegan, we will be posting a dairy version soon!

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Total Time:

10-24 hours 

About This Recipe

The Instant Pot is good for more than just savory pressure cooked foods. In fact, unlike in this picture, your Instant Pot won’t be won’t be pressuring up at all!

It’s no secret that the Instant Pot is a wonderfully versatile appliance, and many models have a “yogurt” function, which acts as a boiler and an incubator to create perfect yogurt, every time. For us, the most difficult part of this process is waiting for the precious IP to be available for use while it is creating yogurt! While we recommend the full 24-hour cycle, you can really let it be ready to refrigerate after about 4-6 hours. Really, the longer you let it incubate, the more live probiotics are present, and in our opinion, the better it tastes! Making a standard dairy milk yogurt is equally simple – and we will be linking it here soon! 

We’ve been stacking up the successful Instant Pot recipes in the draft section here for a while, and I can’t wait to get more of them live for you! As mentioned, we are also always happy to create more recipes for our readers and their preferences. Lately, we have been focused on a lot of plant-based, dairy-free options lately per reader request. You may notice our Instant Pot is different now, that’s because we found a replacement for our retired one through a sweet 54% off Amazon deal!  Definitely recommend that you shop their next sale if you’re looking to add another to your life or replace a retired one like we did!

Also… have you seen the amazing selection on Instant Pot brand appliances?! They are all over it! I am blown away by how beautiful and functional they all are! Check them all out here!

This recipe specifically has the option to substitute and use Aroy-D coconut cream instead of whole milk as a dairy free option, because it has no additives, and is made into coconut milk by watering it down. It is usually available at ethnic markets, or on Amazon here.

I love the Aroy-D brand and have been using their whole line for years. The main reason I prefer this specific product of theirs is that they don’t put anything extra in there, but you can test it out with whatever plain full fat coconut milk or cream you’d like. We recommend avoiding those with preservatives and will update this post with any other brands we find to work successfully!

So easy and delicious!!!

Once you have the finished product, easily made in our new beautiful 6 quart Duo Plus, you can top it with fresh berries, honey, granola, or anything you like! The process is as easy as using the yogurt function, the hardest part is waiting for it to culture!


  • 33.8 oz carton Aroy-D Coconut Cream 
  • 67.6 oz filtered water  (just fill up the carton twice from the coconut cream)
  • Nondairy yogurt starter, 1/4 cup plain nondairy yogurt or powder from 3 probiotic pills* we use Nordic Naturals, but have more consistent results with a dedicated starter or yogurt for the dairy free option. 

If you choose a nondairy probiotic starter, many of our readers have suggested one like this dairy-free vegan one. Another option is to use a couple of tablespoons of plain additive-free live cultured coconut yogurt, but that is nearly impossible to find in a store near us. 


Step 1

Ensure that the inner liner is in the Instant Pot appliance. Add the coconut cream to Instant Pot inner liner, then fill the carton with filtered water twice and add that too.

Step 3

Once the boil cycle ends, remove the inner liner and let it cool to about 110° F. Stir throughout the cooling process, and stir very well before checking! You can put the liner in an ice bath to speed this process up.

Step 5

Put the inner liner back in the appliancePut the glass lid on your IP, and set the “yogurt” function for the full cycle, 24 hours. DON’T TOUCH IT during this time. A slight shake of the pot to see if it jiggles is all you’re allowed to do.

Step 2

Press the “yogurt” button then “adjust” button until it says “boil” on the interface. Stir very well as it heats up, once fully mixed stir occasionally until boil cycle ends.

Step 4

If you’re making this with no thermometer, once you can keep your (CLEAN) finger in the warm liquid, it will be around 105-115° F, which is perfect. Stir in powder of probiotic pills or starter very well. 

Step 6

After the full cycle is complete, put the inner liner into the fridge (with lid) for 4 hours to let it thicken and cool. Again, do not disturb the yogurt during this time! Once set/cooled, enjoy with your favorite toppings!

Nutrition Notes

This vegan/dairy free option is suitable for anyone without dietary restrictions, except obviously those with a coconut allergy. We prefer the whole milk option as it is cultured enough to not bother our stomachs! 


Photo Credit Pexels

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