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Work At Home Mom Style

Work At Home Mom Style

How I stay comfy and (kinda) cute working from home! For those of you who don’t know, Roy and I now both work from home! I have spent my entire career in the healthcare field, in clinical settings (scrubs) or in an office, where heels and pencil skirts were the first order of business every morning.

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Batch Cooking Tutorial #1

I recently tried my hand at batch cooking and meal prep for the first time. This is something I have been thinking about for some time and am hoping to incorporate for our own home, as I haven’t really done it yet for us! I have been wanting to help my sister out with ideas for keeping easy to prepare real food on hand for busy times. Even if you aren’t that busy it is nice to do a little prep work for the week. The goal is to generally make it easier to eat real food without having to feel obligated to spend an hour in the kitchen every day! We will be posting again with instructions for bigger batch cooking and meal prep for families!

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Why I Don’t Stress About Junk Food

Let’s talk about junk food consumption and stress a little bit… I recognize and respect that there are so many opinions on this matter and do not mean to undermine any of them by sharing mine. I believe that excess processed food and sugar over time is not good for the body and can be very detrimental to one depending on their unique situation.

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7 Days Health Challange

Eating healthier
Maintaining an already healthy lifestyle
Practicing moderation with food, exercise & stress levels
Drinking enough water each day
Starting to exercise or find ways to exercise more
Improving your stress level and being happier

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