Spring cleaning – is a detox right for me?


It’s spring time and so many of us are finding things to clean out and ways to clean up our lives. Our bodies can be a part of that too – detoxing is a very popular way to do that! But, is enhancing your body’s natural detoxing process right for you? Or are you wondering …what is a detox? Is this something that everyone needs to do? We’ll cover all of that too. 

Read on to hear our thoughts on it and see our recommendations!


First off – before we can ask is a detox right for me, we have to cover what detoxing actually means for our bodies. When we think about detoxing, we often think about our bodies just clearing out all of the bad stuff from our daily accumulations. When we think of a body detox we might picture toxins being flushed out through the colon or kidneys and liver. This actually happens – but it’s not like having a big “toxins dump” and then feeling better after that. This is called the hepatic phase of detox and this is what happens when we take smaller steps toward a better, healthier body. The liver can clear many toxins we pick up on our daily living ventures, but only if it’s flushing out toxins in a timely manner. Your daily healthy actions are able to support that process. Eating well, drinking adequate fluids, moving your body and managing stress. If the body isn’t clearing out the toxins then you could experience symptoms of toxicity. One such symptom of toxicity is tiredness or fatigue – this happens from losing more calories than you’re burning. Another is a flush of weight gain because the body is holding onto toxins.

With some people it could be a great way to clear out the oftentimes stacked up levels of toxins our bodies can accumulate. Supplementation or dietary support can help – that is using natural detoxification foods, herbs and remedies that can aid a healthy body’s ability to clear toxins. Of course please talk to your healthcare provider about it if you’re not sure whether a detox supplement is right for you. Some may feel fine without ever detoxing using supplements, and simply changing their eating and drinking habits or increasing their movement, etc. Meanwhile others might have a situation where they will actually experience toxicity symptoms from not flushing toxins out in a timely manner. So, if you’re experiencing symptoms of toxicity or otherwise believe you’d benefit from enhancing your body’s natural ability to detox – then yes, you could try to take a detox supplement to support your body’s processes. Just make sure to do it in a way that is specific to your body and what it needs to work at its best.

So, in answering your question – is a detox right for you? It’s a “maybe” if we’re talking supplementing, as you’ll need to determine this based on your own medical provider’s opinion of your condition and your knowledge of your body’s ability to handle such supplements. And “of course” if we’re talking our body’s natural ongoing processes, but you don’t likely need to worry about that background running function. For a gentle, food based supplement for detoxing, we recommend considering Motiv8 Detox and that if you choose to purchase, you also use code JENNIFER at checkout. This saves you money and supports our work putting out content for free to our little corner of the internet. Thanks for your support! Anyway, about Motiv8, I love the products that I’ve tried from them since we began our partnership with them earlier this year. They have a solid basis in natural formulas and based on the quality of their products, are priced really well. If you have any questions about any of their products, feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss! If you are looking for a more intensive type of detox, such as a cellular detox or other medically supervised options, definitely look for a natural path or some kind of a medical provider that focuses on the body‘s natural ability to detox and heal. There are plenty of more intensive detox options, and those are found with the expertise and  supervision of a medical provider. However for an at home, gentle, natural detoxifying supplement we recommend Motiv8 along with a healthier diet and increased water during the time you’re taking it. So, in short, to decide if a detox is right for you, you’ll need to consider how you would like to contribute to your body’s natural processes. Whether it is with a diet change, increased water intake, a safe at home supplement or a medically directed detox, make sure you are listening to your body and taking charge of your health.

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