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The waste reducing food box!

We finally live in an area where we can order Imperfect Foods! Read about our experience and why we will continue to use them – it’s not what you think! Click below if you want to skip the reading for a minute and check them out first… Read on to hear our thoughts on this revolutionary brand.

We first learned about Imperfect Foods right after moving out of an area that had it… since then, we’ve been interested but haven’t been in a place where they service until now! For those of you who didn’t know, we recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and are really enjoying this new atmosphere. We are prioritizing more fresh foods and finding ways to reduce our food waste as well.

One of the things we love about Imperfect Foods is that they reduce food waste but the food you receive is barely less than perfect. The produce looks almost the same as the produce we find in our normal grocery store! Plus, we get the benefit of their additional grocery items being included in the delivery. They deliver once a week, for us it is on Thursdays, and we have a good chunk of time to determine what we want in our order, or if we want to skip for a week. every week the selection is a little different, and it’s really fun to go in and decide what things we want to have delivered versus shop for in-store. I’ve found that it’s really helped me plan out the meals for the week using fun new ingredients or staples that we find from them.

They also have their own private label brand now, and have a lot of the things we normally would buy, like all sorts of pantry staples, fun new treats, oils, spices, etc. The prices are amazing for the quality, and they have pumpkin pie spice that is out of this world – and I’m quite the connoisseur of pumpkin pie spice. It’s actually a tie up between their pumpkin pie spice and their seasoning for all the things… we’ve been using them daily and I love that they are under $2!

One thing that may seem difficult would be finding ways to use the items from your Imperfect Foods box on their own. Depending on what’s available for the area, it may be the only thing you need! I can definitely say that it is no problem to make an entire week’s meal plan using the box in conjunction with the rest of our groceries – it is much easier when pairing our box with a pickup order from the local grocery store. But, while we definitely needed to supplement with an additional grocery trip, I think it could easily work with just an Imperfect Foods box if you had a smaller family or ordered a larger quantity. Imperfect Foods could easily fulfill your needs for the week depending on your eating habits and flexibility!

Another great feature about the principles behind the Imperfect Foods model would be the fact that they encourage waste reduction. They even include some cool gadgets and gizmos that can help you with food waste reduction! Check out their blog post on The Whole Carrot for some cool ideas.

OK let’s PAUSE – Look what I found in the box… I wonder how that got in there… Let’s keep this between us! The Imperfect Foods private label has some AMAZING foods – including these chocolate covered nuts!

It’s official – the grapes are approved by the quality assurance team! The kids literally had so much fun unboxing the “grocery box” as they called it.
So overall – we are thrilled to have discovered Imperfect Foods in our new home. The ease of use, selection, ability to upgrade, change items, have it all pre-selected for you and skip weeks is so helpful!

So – can we buy you some groceries? Using our referral link gets you $20 credit for your first box, and gives us $20 for our next one! Even if you just try it for the produce – it’s nice to know that you’re getting great tasting high-quality food that may have gone to waste. If you don’t like it, you can cancel, and if you do then you can share your own referral link to also give $20 & get $20!

Already tried Imperfect Foods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to be Instagram friends by the way! Check out our main account below!
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Imperfect Foods Review


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