How To Use Collagen Powder


What the heck is collagen and why do you need it?

How in the world can you implement it without gulping homemade bone broth? Read on, health warrior… Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies, and as we age or have more stressors, our natural production is not as ideal as it should be. Dietary collagen comes in many forms, and by far the best one is Great Lakes Gelatin powders if you’re looking for a realistic way to add it into your diet. We’ve been using collagen and gelatin for YEARS and these guys are still the best value and highest quality available.

Considering collagen is behind our hair, skin and nails looking beautiful and our bodies being able to bend move and stretch to the best of their ability, it’s a good thing to make sure you have enough of. This article shares some more detail on the benefits there are to consuming collagen, so check it out if you are ready to nerd out more! Here are the easiest ways to add collagen to your family’s diet to improve your health!

Just Drink It

The right collagen powder should dissolve perfectly in liquid, hot or cold, and add no taste unless it’s flavored. I personally LOVE adding it to my smoothies, coffee or soup. I can’t tell it’s there, but I know that I am adding valuable nutrients to my diet that are hard for me to get enough of otherwise. In addition to adding it to things you are already eating or drinking, you can add it to recipes! I made this AMAZING avocado chocolate mousse the other day and added some collagen powder to it. Yes, I will post my recipe soon, once it is perfect ? I wanted to give some quick tips on how a busy mom like me manages to stay healthy, and collagen has always been key to that. I learned about a lot of what I know from Wellness Mama, and if you really want to nerd out more, check out her awesome article on collagen here.

Gelatin is another great option, and I also love making gelatin treats. There are plenty of great recipes there as well, including from Wellness Mama, but I find that I don’t take the time to make them and thus end up with gelatin that goes unused. The whole point of why I initially tried collagen powder instead of my gelatin was to try and consistently use it, since I was really working on healing my digestive system, which many of you have read about in my story. When making a change for your health, it does absolutely no good if you’re unable to commit to actually sticking with it! Collagen powder is an easy new habit, since it’s so versatile that if you keep it in plain sight and consume liquids at all, it will be hard NOT to remember to use it.

Make It Easy & Actually Do It

As with most things related to our health, if it isn’t easy we probably won’t follow through with it. I find that committing to one simple change every week is enough. Of course, these changes can build on each other once they become lifestyle habits, but too much too fast is a recipe for failure with me. If you are interested in trying collagen powder, I highly recommend trying to add it to one drink per day. When you make your coffee or smoothie, just have it right next to your ingredients. Put the ready packets in your purse for when you want to flavor up your water on the go. Commit to your recommended 2 tablespoons being distributed throughout your normal water amount all day. Before you get committed to trying to find ways to make it all fancy, just try to do it the simple way so you’ll be consistent. Once you have actually committed to using it, try to do fun things with it! Some of our current favorites:

✓ Use it in homemade popsicles stir into yogurt, kefir, pudding or smoothies.
✓ Mix it into kombucha, coffee, tea, lemon water or juice.
✓ Stir into a glass of milk or in the kid’s cereal milk.
✓ Mix it Into Your oatmeal.
✓ Make Easy no Bake energy balls.
✓ Add it to cookies and healthy brownies.
✓ Mix it into your salad dressing, homemade or storebought!
✓ Add it to your peanut butter, heat it a little and blend it up.


My favorite way to make popsicles in the summer is mixing cocoa powder, vanilla yogurt and collagen. Freeze and serve! So, how do YOU use collagen powder or gelatin in your diet? Share your tips below and thanks for reading!

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