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After all, eating can soothe, enliven, and nourish us. While most individuals gravitate to sweet, salty, or fatty delights for temporary relief, these foods are typically devoid of nutrition and leave us craving more.
Indulge in the comfort you crave while also providing your body with the daily sustenance it requires.

Nutrients Are Key

Isn’t it odd how certain dishes always leave you? For example, a doughnut is heavy in calories but low in nutrients? It’s also high in fat and sugar, causing a spike in blood sugar levels after eating. To deal with the extra glucose in your blood, your pancreas releases insulin. When your blood sugar levels return to normal, you may feel fatigued and low, craving sweet, salty, or fatty items.

This phase may provide temporary relief, but it does not feed your body with critical nutrients. Instead, choose food that is abundant in nutrients but low in fat and calories. More substantial than processed foods, they keep you fuller between meals.

Eat Meals That Help Your Brain Produce Dopamine

It’s easy to turn to food for comfort when you’re anxious, concerned, or bored. The chemical neurotransmitter dopamine creates a joyful sense by stimulating the reward region of the brain. Dopamine deficiency may lead to comfort eating.

You require tyrosine and phenylalanine to generate dopamine. Examples of foods high in these amino acids are dried seaweeds and dry seaweed products; Gruyère cheese; apples; bananas; blueberries; oranges; papaya; strawberries; prunes; watermelon. Veggies, nuts, and seeds all help produce dopamine.

Consider Your Body's True Needs

Cravings can be your body’s way of communicating a desire. Some examples:


Salt  This could be an indication of dehydration, which can affect electrolytes. They assist hydrate the body and regulate muscle and nerve function. So drink plenty of water.


This indicates low blood sugar. Eat low GI meals like pulses and wholegrains, and incorporate protein in every meal. This will help regulate your blood sugar and lessen cravings.


The ‘nature’s tranquilizer’, magnesium, may be deficient. So are almonds and leafy greens. Take a magnesium supplement.

Reduce Sodium

Too much salt might affect your health. Too much salt can weaken muscles, cause high blood pressure, and cause water retention. It is recommended that you consume no more than 5g of salt per day, which includes salt in foods like crisps, sauces, ready meals, and canned goods. Read nutrition labels and rinse canned veggies and beans to reduce salt intake, these contain added sodium. Substitute herbs and spices for salt. Lemon can sometimes replace salt in a dish.

Cut Back On Sweet Treats

Obesity, dental decay, and inflammation are all linked to too much sugar, it’s advised no more than 5% (or 6 teaspoons) per day. This encompasses honey, fruit juices, and sugars disguised in dishes like sauces, entrees, and syrups. Read labels to reduce sugar intake. Choose foods with 5g or less sugar per 100g. If you enjoy dessert, try substituting fresh fruit and limiting yourself to one per week. Try sparkling mineral water with freshly pressed lemon or lime instead of fruit juice or soft drinks.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

When only the actual thing will do, a high-quality version helps. If you must have chocolate, choose a few squares of high-quality dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa solids rather than a sweeter version. If you like crisps, a tiny bag of baked chips now and again will satisfy your appetite.  The same applies to olive oil. You’re better off using one of the best olive oil choices on the market. 

These tips should help you to provide your body with what it needs to be healthy. Do you have any other tips that may help? Please share some in the comments below.


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