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Hot Cream ReviewI recently received Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Hot Cream at a discount for testing purposes, and I absolutely love it! Here is my honest review of the product.

Hot Cream is said to provide benefits with topical application, which include soothing and relaxing tight tired muscles after a workout, with powerful ingredients such as peppermint and pine which naturally reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness while chamomile and eucalyptus provide relief to muscle. It is also said to help reduce cellulite, burn fat and tighten skin-however I did not test it for these purposes.

I love working out but can be a real wimp the days that follow-which usually means I either skip working out until the soreness goes away, or take NSAIDs to relieve the pain/soreness once it sets in.

I wanted to try using this in place of over the counter pain relievers in the days following a heavy workout. So I actually did 3 separate 20 minute workouts in 2 days, Tabata style, HIIT and strength training paired with yoga. Following that I did moderate workouts every day the rest of the week. I knew that if there was ever a way for me to test how this works on sore muscles, this would be it!

This hot cream ended up being very effective to relieve my sore muscles and did not get too uncomfortably hot like some others I have tried in the past.  I used it around my knees and shins where I also get sore joints after intense workouts and felt that it helped with that as well. I recommend it for use with sore muscles and joints, especially after a workout!

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