Hormone Safe Skincare – What is Hormone Safe?


Real Food to Heal - Hormone Safe Skincare – What is Hormone Safe

Hormone safe – what does it mean? If you’ve never heard about how widespread the issue of chemicals in personal care products are, then maybe it’s time to consider it. We use a variety of products in our home each day, and along with additional environmental exposures we all are subjected to, all can have long-term negative effects. Hormone safe products are important to consider and often overlooked! The use of harmful hormone disrupting ingredients products in body care products is widespread – they’re commonly used to hold ingredients together, as a preservative, and to increase efficacy. In some cases, however, they aren’t used for what is initially claimed – often without a background level of testing – and may be linked to negative health effects.

The issue of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) has been gaining awareness for several years now, and many companies have gone as far as changing their formulas to avoid using them. But the issue remains – the EWG is now calling for a complete ban of “hormone-disrupting chemicals” in personal care products, citing that they may be linked to breast cancer, birth defects, and reproductive abnormalities.


Real Food to Heal - Hormone Safe Skincare – What is Hormone Safe

The World Health Organization even called for more research nearly a decade ago, due to concerns of major negative health implications from exposure. There are many chemicals in our world, but the toxic twelve chemicals in cosmetics and everyday products have been banned in the European Union and many other nations, but not all cosmetics are safe, and the accountability (as for what regulations do exist) is not always strong depending on what is being purchased, and from where it is being purchased.

So what can we do now? When it comes to personal care products, it’s important to understand what you are buying. Before you purchase any product, check out the company’s manufacturing and sourcing process first – are they being open about it? Do they have green buzzwords with no accountability, education or mission statement? And lastly, are they conscious of the chemicals used in their products? These are some of the important considerations to factor in when finding a company you can trust to purchase high quality clean skincare and personal care from.

What if we could then go a step or two further though? Better than clean skincare – to the first of it’s kind hormone safe skincare? Most consumers have probably considered it – but maybe don’t know where to begin. What if we could then go a step or two further though? Better than clean skincare – to the first of it’s kind hormone safe skincare? We recently discovered that there IS a safer option that is readily available and easily accessible. Hugh & Grace is more than a line of skincare products, they are a movement and on a mission to educate the public and provide high performing, truly hormone safe products for the entire family.

HughandGrace.com is not only a place to buy this revolutionary new line, but a place to educate yourself on these crucial issues relating to hormone safety. They have spent the time & resources in collaboration with experts to develop their own “Yes” list of safe ingredients, all of which are plant based, vegan, cruelty free as well! They go into amazing detail of each ingredient and why they chose to include it here. As for the products themselves, they feel, smell and perform wonderfully. I’ve tried the Protecting Body Oil, Face Serum, Night Serum, and Purifying Cleansing Bar and the scent and experience is unparalleled. One thing to note, these products go FAR so make sure you don’t go too heavy on them! Start with a pump or two, and see how it works. The serums absorb nicely with the right amount and are great for under makeup and another lotion. Did I mention they are great for the whole family? You can shop Hugh & Grace through our affiliate link here

The story behind Hugh & Grace is truly incredible, and I encourage you to watch this short video to hear it for yourself!

Have you tried clean skincare? Let us know what you think below! 

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