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Caviar Serum Review

I recently received Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Caviar Anti-Aging Serum at a discount for testing purposes, and I loved it! Here is my review of the product.

Caviar Extract is said to promote skin rejuvenation with a chemical composition similar to that of young epidermal cells, protein and nutrient rich with large proportions of essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, salts, vitamin B, zinc and iron.

The Caviar anti-aging serum certainly did help improve my skins appearance and fine lines/wrinkles. I really like that it is only recommended for use every 3-4 days, this is a lot easier to remember than daily! With using 1 pump every 3-4 days, this container will last awhile, which is another benefit!

I love the fact that it doesn’t feel harsh on my skin at all-and when I use it before bed it stays on to work overnight, then I wake up and go about my normal routine. I applied 1 pump to damp skin and it was quickly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue. The next morning there was an obvious decrease in the amount of wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I like that it is also working as an antioxidant with the marine ingredients.

Check it out for yourself with the link below the video! What are your favorite night creams or serums?