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A lot of business owners are now looking to as their financial institution of choice, and we think this is great! Let’s take a look at what you need to know about Brex before you join them, and see if it is the right bank for you. First and foremost, Brex is a payment provider that offers to open accounts for you online through their website, and they do it at no cost. They handle all the administration responsibilities of your personal information including your identity, address and contact details. If you are a big fan of modern banking tools, then Brex is a company you will want to seriously consider. Here are 6 reasons why you need to try out Brex:

1. You can open a bank account with Brex online in as little as 5 minutes and instantly get access to virtual cards which can be used while you wait for the physical card to be delivered.

2. Provides the option to add a number of different team members to your account so everyone can have access to the account information in one place.

3. One of the best online banking dashboard designs which makes it easy to track all your transactions. We think the mobile app is also user-friendly and looks to be updated frequently.

4. We found that customer service was excellent when we made the phone call. The staff were very helpful in answering questions about the account.

5. Allows users to build business credit with a credit card paid daily.

6. They have a fantastic rewards program that allows users to earn points for each transaction

Check out their site for more information about how their smart banking tools can also help grow your business


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