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Real Food To Heal started out as purely a recipe blog. Since 2015 it has evolved into a blog that shares more of our interests beyond food, and even prompted the creation of Our Blog Life, the latest creative obsession of ours. The inspiration for this came from friends having many questions about how we manage to successfully eat healthy and many requests for help getting started and staying on track. We’re passionate about eating real food ourselves and feeding our children the most nourishing foods possible. We each tend toward a different modified real food diet as that’s what makes us feel best. I’d like readers to feel comfortable in this space whether you’re wanting to start full on paleo, primal, dairy free, nut free, nightshade free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, pegan, plant based, GAPS, AIP, ketogenic, allergy specific, diabetes management, etc, or just here for the Instant Pot recipes. No room for dogmatic attitudes about diets here!

My health journey is another huge reason why we wanted to start this blog. I was able to heal my body through working with medical professionals and changing my diet and lifestyle. I am confident that eating real food can change anyone’s life for the better to some degree, no matter the situation.

I have always been health-conscious and previously tended toward a “calorie is a calorie-less is better-calories in/calories out, low-fat, fat-free, 100 calorie packs processed diet foods” kind of diet and was doing ok with that (or so I thought)

Before I changed my diet and lifestyle I thought it was normal that I always felt in a fog and had trouble concentrating. 

I ate mostly processed diet food and very little real food. I was sick all the time, had chronic pain, depression concerns, skin issues and digestive trouble. I thought this was all part of being an adult and I needed to just put up with it and push through that (or so I thought)

A chronic pain/fatigue “fibromyalgia” diagnosis at age 22 from doctors who recommended daily nervous system and pain medications for me was the big wake up call. It was time for me to see what my other options were. I knew I was way too young to have that kind of life and that there had to be another way to be well.

I started to do some more research and seek out second opinions from other doctors. I found that there are many doctors who actually do recommend simply eating a plant rich diet of real food, exercising and properly caring for your body as the first steps to being well! I had no idea that I felt as bad as I did UNTIL I changed my diet and lifestyle and saw how good I felt with the new change!

My journey to wellness ended up being a little different than I thought it would be. That being said-I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO IT THIS WAY-please, please, please only go about making this kind of change in your diet with the help and advice of a trained medical and nutrition professional.

In an act of desperation I did my own elimination diet of problematic foods, starting with gluten and grains, followed by dairy, legumes and eventually nuts. This process was inspired and guided by the 5-6 week total elimination protocols that I read about on medical blogs as well as allergist’s websites. Strictly following this protocol I found many slight sensitivities and gluten being a very severe (textbook celiac disease) reaction.

I additionally started eating MORE with putting into play the real food diet changes that worked for me.

I remained on a modified fairly restricted healing diet (now under the care of a professional) for a period of time and felt better than I ever had.

I later on started some new therapies through my healthcare provider’s recommendations. I am completely symptom free and have healed from all sensitivities-I can even eat gluten now without consequence for the first time in several years!

My primary care doctor recommended that I generally avoid it to be safe and knowing that it works best for me. I usually eat a “YOLO” meal (You Only Live Once or “cheat” meal) often enough, and prefer not to stress about junk food if I choose to indulge. This is not something I consciously did, as I focus on simply eating intuitively. Just knowing that I can eat out wherever/whenever I like with confidence that I won’t react is a truly great experience!

disclaimer alert

We’re not qualified to and are in no way giving medical advice or recommending any of our information as treatment for any medical condition or disease and this is not a replacement for licensed professional medical advice or care. Ok….? Good. We are also participants in the Amazon Affiliates Program and may at any time utilize Google Ads on our site. This all helps to offset the costs that go into running this blog, developing recipes and supplying free content for everyone. For more info on all of that and our full affiliate disclosure, check out our resources page here.

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