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A Beginner’s Guide To Making Bread

There is nothing better than the smell of bread cooking in the oven and a warm slice of fresh, homemade bread covered in melted butter and jam straight from the oven. 

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Some new bakers shy away from the task of baking bread because it seems intimidating, or they don’t think there is a kind of bread that they will use. There are a lot of different kinds of bread you can make and simple tips to make it an easy process… 


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Traditional Yeast Bread

If you are just trying to bake bread for the first time, it is a good idea to start with a simple recipe. You can find recipes for easy bread that only have four ingredients. You should also follow the directions of the recipe. It may seem easier to skip steps or shorten wait times, but that can greatly affect the product. Even though it makes sense to follow the directions on the recipe, once you have done it a few times, you may want to alter it a little bit to try something new. This is good! Good bakers use their experiences to create new recipes and find what works for them. Just remember to write down the changes you made and how they turned out. This will help you fine-tune your own recipes.

If you are really getting into baking bread, then you can start to get more specialized equipment. Using a baking stone to bake bread will bake the bread evenly and give it a brick oven feel. It will keep the crust from cracking and will allow the bread to cook all through the middle without overcooking the crust. You may also want to use a scale to weigh your ingredients instead of just measuring them, as this will give you a more accurate ingredient measurement. Calibrating your oven will help you achieve proper bread baking atmospheres to ensure that you get a perfect loaf every time.

Sweet Bread

There are also sweet breads you can make that work well as a treat for your family, a way to use overripe fruits or to give as gifts to others. There are many different flavors of bread that you can make, so you are bound to find a flavor that pleases everyone in your house. You can also alter recipes to add in nuts or dried fruits to match your family’s preferences. Some easy ones to start with would be a banana bread or cinnamon raisin bread [recipe here]. These breads may be easier and faster to make than traditional yeast bread, so they are a good place to start for someone feeling hesitant.

Specialty Bread

Some diets or allergies do not accommodate for some of the ingredients found in traditional loaves of bread. Luckily, there are many different options to help you satisfy those cravings while staying healthy. Gluten-free bread and bread which is allowed on the Keto diet are available for those striving to maintain a certain lifestyle but who also want a traditional bread substitute. You can also find sweet bread alternatives like a paleo-friendly banana pumpkin bread.

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