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5 Healthy Drinks That Can Boost Your Gut Health

They say happy gut, happy life. And this is not far from the truth. According to scientific research, gut health affects the overall health. But how is this so? Ever heard of the word gut microbiome? The gut microbiome is a microorganism that lives in the digestive tract. This explains why gut health controls so much over your overall well being.

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To boost your gut health, consider taking healthy drinks that are rich in fibers, probiotics, and prebiotics. In most cases, we get these nutrients from food, but you can also get them in beverages. 


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5 Healthy Drinks That Can Boost Your Gut Health

  • Kefir

    You may be familiar with yogurt. But have you ever considered Kefir? Kefir provides similar consistency to drinkable yogurt, which makes a better on-the-go alternative.

    Additionally, Kefir is good for gut and digestive health. This drink is a proven powerful probiotic, and it contains a dozen different bacteria and yeast. This should come as good news since probiotics have been found to improve weight check, mental health, and the treatment and prevention of gastric diseases.

    Soothing bone broth

    Soothing bone broth can warm you up in the mid-morning and also help you improve your gut health. This drink has been used for ages to ease inflammation by working as a digestive tonic. Additionally, soothing bone broth has gelatin and glutamine that are good components for gut health.

    Gelatin helps with inflammation and the digestive tract. On the other hand, glutamine is an amino acid that is used to treat a leaky gut.

    Celery juice

    Celery juice helps to improve digestion. Celery juice is a natural anti-inflammatory used to improve digestion and gut health. Additionally, this drink can help you lower your blood pressure.


    Kombucha is great for gut health, especially when it substitutes wine at dinner. Do you remember what we said about probiotics? Well, Kombucha is a fermented tea that comes with a lot of probiotics.

    And since this drink is tea-based, you get to reap all other tea benefits, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

    Ginger tea

    Ginger tea has been used for years to soothe the digestive tract, and it is not going to be replaced any time soon. According to Healthline, ginger tea helps to empty the stomach, and it is good for people with stomach discomfort and digestion problems. Additionally, ginger stimulates the production of various bacteria that act as prebiotics, making it good for gut health.

    Plus, you get to reap all other benefits of ginger apart from just improved gut health.

The Bottom Line



You have probably come across some healthy drinks that can boost your gut health and are not on this list. There are many others out there, and you need to strike a good balance to ensure you reap their benefits. To be healthier today, health experts recommend that the best beverage for improved gut health is water. Therefore, drink at least 8 cups of water every day, and not only when you feel thirsty.

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