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Real Food To Heal started out as purely a recipe blog. Since 2015 it has evolved into a blog that shares more of our interests beyond food! The inspiration for this blog came from friends having many questions about how we manage to successfully eat healthy and many requests for help getting started and staying on track. We’re passionate about eating real food ourselves and feeding our children the most nourishing foods possible. We each tend toward a different modified real food diet as that’s what makes us feel best. I’d like readers to feel comfortable in this space whether you’re wanting to start full on Paleo, primal, dairy free, nut free, nightshade free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, pegan, plant based, GAPS, AIP, ketogenic, allergy specific, diabetes management, etc. As long as your personal game plan of interest involves JERF (just eating real food) from recognizable ingredients that are unprocessed, we are with you. No room for dogmatic attitudes about diets here!

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*Eating healthier
*Maintaining an already healthy lifestyle
*Practicing moderation with food, exercise & stress levels
*Drinking enough water each day
*Starting to exercise or find ways to exercise more
*Improving your stress level and being happier

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