summer skincare routine with derma e

It’s almost summer here, and taking time to practice a solid skincare routine is essential for me! Have you assessed your skincare regimen lately? Read on for my latest faves from eco-ethical, cruelty-free, vegan Derma E! 

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Ok – now let’s talk about skincare…

This is my current setup tailored specifically for protecting my skin from the harsh effects of the sun, and the aging effects of my blue light exposure. 

Derma E Jennifer Wakumelo

A solid healthy skincare routine is one of those things that we all know we need to have, but sometimes (or often) fail to implement. *Guilty* I’ve been so inconsistent in my skin care routine up until the last couple of years for a number of reasons, and kept it very simple. As I get older and my skin starts to see some of the effects of that and the environment, I realize I need a lot more in my life! Not to mention, it is really fun to get into some self-care with a good line of products.

Jennifer Wakumelo Skincare

Um, yes please!!!

I have never found such a light and still effective CLEAN sunscreen for my face! Believe me – like skincare in general – I’ve tried a TON of them!

One constant skincare line I use is Derma E’s product lines!

They’re my favorite line of products for a couple of reasons outside of the fact that they really work! I also love them because they are cruelty free, vegan, organic, and all the good things! These products are great for any time, but especially the when the sun is out more, when we are spending more time indoors in front of computers, and when we need some extra “me-time” to deal with everything. Double whammy benefit with a good skin care routine!

Here are the highlights of my current Derma E skin care routine, including why I love each product:

Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum & Blue Light Shield Spray:

I love that this light serum and refreshing spray help to maintain optimal balance while reducing the effects of environmental and digital pollution.

Vitamin C Peel:

This fresh, citrusy indulgence is a non-abrasive blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help resurface and smooth skin’s texture, reducing lines and wrinkles. I love how my skin is instantly more radiant and smoother on the days I get to use this peel!

Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen – Face:

As mentioned above, I LOVE that this is oil-free, lightweight and non-greasy! It’s a perfect broad spectrum facial sunscreen formula, and also provided anti-aging sun protection with antioxidant defense.

Firming Toner:

I love a good toner – but one that also offers pH balancing, firming, and anti-aging benefits is AWESOME. It’s the perfect step after cleansing and before starting on my serum and moisturizing steps.

Jennifer Wakumelo Skincare
Blue Light Skincare
Summer Skincare
Blue Light Skincare

So, where should you start?

If you don’t know where to start with your skin care routine right now, I would highly recommend going for some of the products in this blog post! Or, anything from Derma E’s comprehensive product lines. They can benefit whether or not the sun is shining heavily on you, but especially if it is almost summer where you are too! It’s so important to have a good sunscreen, and equally important to protect yourself from the damages of blue light.

Vitamin C skincare is amazing for so many reasons, you can check out my post that outlines some of them on our other blog, by clicking here. Those of you who have been around for a long time know that I used to make my own skincare products! At the time I didn’t know about Derma E, and no other retail option I had tried was my style for a number of reasons. I didn’t like the smell, I didn’t like the way it felt, I didn’t like the ingredients, and so on. The cool thing about the dozens of Derma E products I’ve tried to date is that I’ve loved them all!

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