Simple Green Product Swaps –  Irresistible clean Scents!

Making cleaner swaps in your home and self care regimen can seem daunting, but it can really be simple! Just swap out a more natural version of what you normally use! Worried about the smell/effectiveness? I’ve put together a list of our favorite tried and tested cleaner swaps!

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Take notes – what do you like?

We all want to enjoy our homes and our self care regimens. Using the products we know and love is enjoyable, and understandably so! Making these swaps can be done without feeling like you’re missing out on the experience or the function of your previous products. Take a quick note of the scents, look and feel you prefer for home and self care products as you use them daily/weekly/monthly. This helps when it’s time to replace them – whether that be immediately, or when they run out!

Check Your Existing Labels

Many companies are wising up about the presumed dangers of harsh chemicals in products we use in our homes and on our bodies. For all you know, some of your existing favorites may not be that bad! I like to  look them up here. There are levels of cleanliness in products, and you really have to decide what is best for yourself and your home. I am not as picky as I used to be, but I do try to keep as much as possible as clean as possible in our home. Finding what works for you whether it be fully natural or partially natural is ideal, if it works and you like it, that is what matters!

Vote with your dollars!

Find a cause! I love supporting companies that contribute to something as well as provide the product I like and want. Clean Beauty Collective is a favorite of ours for this reason, and right now they are running a campaign to save the bees. We’re loving their home scents, like the room spray and diffuser, as well as this DELICIOUS radiant nectar perfume for me! They are a favorite of ours made with natural and synthetic fragrances.

My Favorite Perfume Right Now!

There are many options out there for cleaner replacements around the house, and the quality levels can vary greatly. If it matters to you, it is possible to find options with verified information about the ingredients, origins, company values, etc. Or, if availability and cost effectiveness are more important, then most common local chain stores will have a couple of options available of varying degrees of “clean” alongside the usual stuff, or in a dedicated “natural” section. Third party testing and verification efforts are usually listed on the company websites or the products themselves!

This list is always evolving, and as of now, these are my tried and true favorites that we have used in our own home in the past or currently. Check back for updates to this list, and feel free to bookmark this page or pin the graphic below!

Clean, Fresh Scents for the home

So, do you have any green home replacement ideas? What cleaner options do you find essential for your space? Share your tips below and thanks for reading!

Until next time friends, 

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